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Consulting Services

At SYSK, your needs are at the centre of our consulting services. Whether it’s cyber security plan, cloud migration, providing a data analytics dashboard, technical support or driving a complete digital transformation, everything we do is focused on taking your business to greater heights and success.

Solutions we offer

SYSK Solutions offers a range of services including Cyber security, cloud migration, Data Analytics, DevSecOps and Software Testing.

Cyber Security

We provide information and cyber security solutions to our clients to protect their businesses from cyber threats and attacks. We also offer the latest in cyber security products, partnering with some of the leading providers of cyber security technology.

Our experienced team is committed to dedicated to providing a high quality and affordable service to our clients, ensuring that improved cyber security is accessible to organisations of all types and sizes.

Contact us to talk to one of our experts and schedule a free cyber security risk assessment.

Cloud Computing

Our Cloud experts are committed to migrating your organisation's IT infrastructure while ensuring business continuity at every stage of the process. We offer a full suite of Cloud computing services, from complete migrations to hybrid Cloud environments.

With our Cloud Computing Solutions, we assist you in choosing and maintaining the cloud. We manage and support the industry leading cloud platforms, enabling customers to set up environment using a combination of private, public, hybrid, and multiple clouds without the hassle and complexity of doing it themselves.

To know more about the solutions, pricing, implementation, and support, please contact our experts to assist you.

Data Analytics

At SYSK, we offer data management and data analytics consulting services. We will support you at every stage in your journey to becoming a data-driven business, ensuring you gain true value from your data.

We offer range of affordable and effective services in developing the fit for purpose strategy through to data management, data engineering, business intelligence and analytics.

We design and build end-to-end BI solutions as well as upgrade existing BI software to help our clients.

Our professionals are experienced in understanding the clients’ challenges and deliver optimised solutions that are tailored to your organisation.

DevSec Ops

We help clients in streamlining their Development and Operations cycles to achieve a faster and more efficient with our DevOps consulting services.

We work with clients to design and expand DevOps workflow for your company to take advantages of quick app development.

We will assist your company in creating a solid CI/CD pipeline that will significantly minimize the time it takes to market by bridging the gap between the software development team and the IT operations team.

Software Testing

We provide a variety of software testing consulting services designed to eliminate project risk and facilitate quick returns on investment. You won't need to build an internal testing team as we will find all the significant challenges.

Whether it's the whole outsourcing of the entire test process, testing for certain projects or phases of testing, our team has the skills and capabilities to deliver efficient, on-demand, independent professional testing.

Tech Support

By contracting out your IT support needs, you can concentrate on developing your company while we concentrate at what we do. We stay on top of all the technical IT aspects of your organisation, as well as supplying the expertise and necessary equipment for your specific needs.

SYSK offers comprehensive IT support services that meets your company's requirements. We provide all the services you require and ensure the greatest outcomes for you, your company, and your clients.


SYSK offers excellent hands on training and support. Our training programme includes projects and are delivered online and live in the classroom. We aim to get you to work. Our training programmes are tailored to industry standards and ensure trainees get the job. We ensure our trainees get practical real-time project based experience during their training sessions and help them to secure their dream job.

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